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Welcome to Whimsical Kismet Ferretry, breeders of pet and working ferrets in Scotland
​​​​meet the gang
Ethically Breeding Since 2004

We have been breeding ferrets for over 10 years focusing on health and temperament first followed by colours/markings and working ability.  Traceable lineage is also very important to us to prevent in-breeding, having related lines all over the UK and some abroad it is vital to health that this is a priority.  Unlike many registered ferretrys we started out with workers and are more than happy to sell to working homes (in fact with some kits we have seeked them out) so long as we think the ferrets will be well cared for.


Our ferrets are pets first not breeding machines, so we only have a litter to keep a kit and further our lines; not all our jills are bred each year.  Planned matting's are announced in the nursery.  Kits are not sold on a first come first served basis, to get on our waiting list fill out the questionnaire and kits will be matched to the best owner for the individual kit and family.


Our adults are pets so after being retired they will stay with us for the rest of their lives.  Likewise, we DO NOT dump any ferrets or destroy any who are not re-homed quickly, ill or hard work, in fact they often end up staying here as pets, even rescues.


If you’re after an older ferret get in touch as we do take in rescues and help owners re-home if they cannot keep them anymore.

We are also available to help advise on all things ferret from husbandry and health concerns to anything vaguely ferret related.


Check out the nursery for litters planned, here and kits available to reserve.  We also have a Facebook page visible from the nursery where you can see up to date pics of our kits and ferrets.

More about ourselves on the About Us page


Click the stork to see how we raise our kits


On the Fees, services and T+Cs page we have info on our prices for kits, gold oil, micro-chipping and Vasectomised hob use etc, as well as information on regarding purchasing and rehoming a ferret.  

Changes Due to Pandemic

Due to the pandemic we are having to be careful for ourselves and our ferrets.  No one may enter our housing.  Ferrets may only be handled with a mask on inside and will have fur disinfected before and after handling.  Contact free drop off and collection has been organised for high tier times.  At low risk times we will attempt to do things as normally though we may have to prepare to be outside and therefore adapt to the weather.  Please wear weather appropriate clothing.

As kits will need to be sanitised we may limit number of visits a week.  Please also be aware we will only accept 2 over 12s a group with a max of 2 children to keep things safe.

Considering A Ferret?

Never had a ferret but want to know the truth about what getting a ferret means?  This page gives you the good, the bad and the ugly, plus a walk through of what to expect as the owner of a baby ferret

Ferret 101

​Things you have to know before deciding to get a ferret, some basic husbandry and finding a good vet.


Questions we will ask prospective homes, prices for kits and services and terms and conditions of sale, as well as some relevant info

Pest Control and Events

Please contact us through the website for help with rat and rabbit control, or for us to do any ferret experience events

​Take your jill out of season the natural way without kits

We have proven hoblets in the ferretry that are available to service jills.  Our boys are proven annually and vasectomised via both cut and tied methods to minimize chances of reversal. 


Price?  Donations towards the ferretry, we're more interested in keeping unwanted kits to a minimum so pay what you can.

Food must be provided for your jill and an emergency contact for the ferret must be available in the UK over her stay.

​Hoblet Services Only
Available all season
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